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Why October 7th?

Why October 7th? October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month… but also, the 7th is the day of the ancient Egyptian goddess Ma’at. She represents all that is right in the world: truth, justice, balance, order, harmony, propriety and reciprocity. Organizing principles to live by in advocacy and in life. TRUTH – full disclosure of informationContinue reading “Why October 7th?”

More Flat Resources!

WHO DID WE MISS?! It was such a struggle to decide what resources to include in our limited brochure space for “Flat is Beautiful”. We ultimately decided that since we wanted to reach women facing the reconstructive decision (and secondarily, their surgeons), we would prioritize the resources these women would find the most useful. SoContinue reading “More Flat Resources!”

Full and Fair Disclosure

Going flat after a mastectomy is a beautiful and viable option. Breast cancer awareness includes knowing your options based on full and fair disclosure, and knowing what kinds of questions to ask the surgeon. Breast cancer awareness is women’s awareness and breast reconstruction awareness is part of that. A woman does not need breasts toContinue reading “Full and Fair Disclosure”

International FLAT Day is October 7th

The very first “International FLAT Day” will premier on OCTOBER 7th, 2019! 🎉 “International FLAT Day” was created to celebrate going flat – to promote breast reconstruction awareness, to promote flat closure (breastless, chest wall reconstruction after mastectomy), to promote flat reconstruction as a valid choice, and to bring together the flat community in sisterhood! OctoberContinue reading “International FLAT Day is October 7th”

Flat is Beautiful – Brochure

Our new brochure “FLAT is Beautiful,” designed specifically for women facing breast cancer surgery or explant of breast implants, is ready to print. Featuring many of your favorite flat resources, where even more resources can be found. Brochure Resource List NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS Flat & FabulousBreastFree.orgFlat Closure NOWNot Putting on a ShirtFlat Friends UK – PublicContinue reading “Flat is Beautiful – Brochure”