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More Flat Resources!


It was such a struggle to decide what resources to include in our limited brochure space for “Flat is Beautiful”. We ultimately decided that since we wanted to reach women facing the reconstructive decision (and secondarily, their surgeons), we would prioritize the resources these women would find the most useful.

So – we would like to give a shout out here, to a couple of folks in particular whose projects got edged out at the last cut and who are doing amazing work on behalf of the flat community!

Trine Amazon inspires all of us with her powerful and beautiful imagery!

EMPOWERHAUS and founder Emily Hopper for all of her innovative designs that redefine breast cancer awareness!

FLATTIES UNITE is a great support group full of powerhouse women and was only edged out because it’s focused on women who have already had their surgery rather than women still making their decision.

Juliet FitzPatrick of Blooming Cancer for your tireless work getting visibility for going flat!

And Kathy Bates and Tig Notaro are both bad-ass flat, loud and proud celebrities who have been an inspiration to so many of us!

Flat in Canada: Support and Advocacy is a great support group up north that will be featured in the second edition of the Flat is Beautiful brochure.

Have a FLAT resource to add? Let us know!

Published by Not Putting on a Shirt

Kim Bowles is Founder and President of Not Putting on a Shirt, a mastectomy patients' rights organization. Our mission is to advocate for satisfactory cosmetic outcomes for those who choose to go flat. We inform and support patients, demand increased accountability for medical professionals and institutions, and collaborate with patients and providers to establish resources and protocols that will make a difference.

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